Music Courses:




这个课程就是针对于此,让那些一直有兴趣想学吉他,但是又没有时间自己研究的朋友,这次只不过给自己三天时间,学会所有最最必需的基础技术和知识,因此过后有能力自学。即使是对于那些过后想要再继续长期学习的人,也是一个速成,让你在短期内,大大提升吉他演奏的技术和知识,而且在三天内!三天你将学到一般课程2 - 3个月的内容,精短有效!

3 days Guitar Express Course:

In this very Informative Era, to be a self taught Guitar player is not as difficult as previous, but why there are still many people can't teach themselves?

Because the basics are the hardest to learn!

This Course provides Solutions for this! Suitable for those who has no much time to be a self taught player, only 3 long hour lesson, students will learn all the "essential basic on guitar", including Chord Chart reading, Basic Rhythms, Basic Theory, so that student can be a self taught player after the course, to fully utilise the online contents nowadays. Only 3 days Lesson, it equals to 3 month of the Traditional weekly Lesson.



Ukulele 是近年非常流行的乐器之一,因为精简可爱,而且易学,因此大受欢迎,小孩,男女生,老少,都能轻易的学上手。

基于此,Add9 Music 设计了一套最短最快的Ukulele学习模式,开办了Ukulele速攻班,一天内让你从不会到会,马上有能力做最基础的演奏,轻松弹奏时下最流行的流行歌曲。

1 day Ukulele Express Course:

Have you ever think of you can be able to sing and play in just one day of learning?

Ukulele has become a very popular instrument in recent years, because it's a very easy instrument, suitable for adults and youngsters or even kids. Due to this, Add9 Music has design a 1 day course,  only 1 day of learning, you will able to play basic "play and sing along" with Ukulele.




Weekly Guitar Lesson:

This Course provides traditional weekly Lessons, suitable for student who prefer slower pace of learning, long term learning. Students will be able to play and sing along after an half year period normally, with 4 lessons per month. 

Guitar Instructor

Shawn Tan,graduated from Singapore Lasalle College of Art, with Diploma in Contemporary Pop Music. He teaches guitar and regularly perform as guitarist for more than 10 years, active in JB music Scene. Currently Perform as Guitarist in Avenue Pub & Bistro.

Shawn Tan,毕业于新加坡 Lasalle 艺术学院流行音乐系,有十年吉他教学与演奏经验。活跃于新山各民歌餐厅,pub,bistro,以及婚宴表演。目前驻于新山Avenue Pub&Bitro,也曾在新加坡10年,担任全职吉他教学工作。